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we create handmade rugs with love

Made especially for you

Our rugs are made to order, so they can have the dimension, design and colors you desire. As this freedom is not always easy to manage, we have put together some designs that might inspire you. 

Mockup G3
2023 Designbook download image


2023 Designbook

Verride Palace Sta. Catarina Suite with Beiriz rug

Tailored handcraft

The experience we have gathered from every project we have worked on over the years, allows us to easily work both on large scale architecture and design projects, as well as on small orders for single exclusive rugs for that special place in your home.

Beiriz Handknot picture

Since 1919

Born in 1919, in the land that gave us our name, the Beiriz handknotted rug is still produced with the same technique in our looms. This rug is part of the history of many of our emblematic buildings in Portugal. Our story intersects with so many stories of those who choose us to create, more than a rug, a story for life. 

Handtuft at Beiriz

Handcrafted from start to finish

We are proud to produce rugs from natural materials, by the hands of the most experienced artisans. Our rugs are custom-made in our factory using manual tecniques and  are finished by our team that takes care of the last details to ensure that your rug is perfect for delivery. 

Oceano by VB

Beiriz by Vanessa Barragão

Any doubts or need a quote for your project? Feel free to contact us. 

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