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We have extensive experience working on large scale design projects. Our customers approach us not only for the high quality of our rugs, but also for the close monitoring of all developments, presenting innovative solutions and modern techniques. 

Sobral Centeno - Portugal, 2020
Handtufting tecnique

BIC Carpets - UK, 2020
Handtufting tecnique

Presidencial Palace - Portugal, 2019
Handknot tecnique

Alfombras VeoVeo - Spain, 2019
Handtufting tecnique

Soestdijk Palace - Holand, 2019
Handtufting tecnique

Verride Palace of Santa Catarina - Portugal 2018
Handtufting tecnique

DDock, The Healing Hub 2017
Handtufting and handknot tecnique

Hard Rock Ibiza - Spain 2015
Handtufting tecnique

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